About Us

Bell Institute of Research and Development Studies (BIRDS) is a division of Bell Foods Group, Kochi. BIRDS was founded in 2018, with the vision of promoting activities that introduce new services and innovations in public and private sectors.

Our aim is to promote Research and Development and Training programs to public to enhance their skills and capabilities.

Professors and experts from reputed Universities and organizations in India and abroad have joined in the Research and Development activities of BIRDS.

This division provides assistance and guidance to the University students with internships. It also conducts various in-house training programs. BIRDS have academic collaboration with several Universities and Colleges and has signed several memorandums of understanding in this regard.

BIRDS also assist student communities for Industrial visits to Bell Foods and HT Foods to get training in the operational processes of the company. The division also funds various projects to enhance Research and Development.

It is not intended for profit, but rather operates as a corporate responsibility to the world. We intend to provide future-oriented, long-term activities in Science and Technology according to the technological advancements happening around the world.