Internships / Intrapreneurship

The food sector is growing at an immense pace and more students are getting involved in the food processing sector.

With employment opportunities increasing in food processing sector, the industry has increased the demand for skilled professionals. BIRDS is providing internships for  students  to gain experience and exposure in seafood processing industry.

BIRDS provide a platform and facilitates of intrapreneurship which allows the right person to act like an entrepreneur within our organisation. Intrapreneurship always helps an individual to be self motivated, proactive and action oriented. Intrapreneurship is one step toward entrepreneurship. Intrapreneurs can develop and use their creativity to enhance existing goods and services within the context of the business, all without any of the risk attached to being an entrepreneur. Using these skills as part of a team lets the intrapreneur test theories and determine which methods are most effective for solving problems.Intrapreneurs may use what they’ve learned as part of an organization’s team to create their own company and reap the benefits of their hard work rather than letting another organization profit from their ideas.